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Lidar & Met Instruments
LIDAR or Laser imaging, detection and ranging, as the name implies, uses pulsed laser technology to remotely measure range of a surface or an object. This technique is used in several applications like making high resolution maps, for control / navigation in autonomous cars and monitoring of   environmental meteorological conditions. Allied offers LIDARS that are particularly used in the latter application.

In “Wind Power”, LIDARS are used for Complex Terrain and Wind Shear Analysis, Wind Power Prediction, Wind Farm Control, Offshore Wind Shear Resource Development and Yaw Error Measurement and Correction.

In “Aviation” LIDARS are used for measuring Aircraft wake vortex monitoring and Airport windshear monitoring.

In environmental pollution monitoring LIDARS are used for Pollution Source Diffusion Monitoring and even for Dust Observation.

For weather applications LIDARS are used for monitoring extreme weather conditions, observation of Atmospheric Turbulence and research of Constructional Environments.

Through our Partners we can also offer cutting edge and proprietary Meteorological instruments that are compact and used in extremely rugged environments.










Our Lidar & Met products typically include:


- Nacelle Wind  Lidar

- Vertical Wind Profile Lidar

- 3D Scanning Wind Lidar

- Marine Buoy Wind Lidar

- Single Piled Wind Lidar

- Airborne Wind Lidar

- Vehicular Wind Lidar

- Multi Wavelength Raman Lidar

- Rugged Weather Stations










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