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Process Control Instrumentation
Process control is a vital part of all major industries, which is basically the ability to monitor and adjust process parameters to give a required output. Control system can be analog or digital, automatic or manual and continuous or periodic.

Instrumentation is the sensor end of the control system, where all required physical parameters like temperature, pressure, flow, level etc are measured and this extracted information is fed to the controller/processing unit for a corresponding action.

Allied has partnered up with a number of world class manufacturers of Industrial Instruments to offer a complete solution for any open or closed loop control system within an industry.

Please feel free to let us have details of your control project, no matter how complicated or simple, enabling our experienced engineering team to work out a solution for your application.

Our range of industrial instruments include:

- Pressure transmitters
- Differential pressure transmitters
- Pressure switches
- Rotameters
- Turbine Flow meters
- Ultrasonic and Magnetic flow meters
- Digital Mass Flow meters
- Flow switches
- Totalizers
- Glass tube level transmitters
- Float level switches
- Ultrasonic level transmitters
- Capacitive level transmitters
- Optical level switches
- Submersible level transmitters  
- RTDs and Thermocouples
- Explosion proof heavy duty thermostats
- Dew point meters

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