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Allied Technologies has partnered with some of the world’s most prominent robotic companies to offer a wide range of Industrial Robotic arms, which form the corner stone of state of the art ‘factories of the future’ being built in various parts of the world today.

Handling payloads of 3kg  to 800 kg, the range of robotic arms is designed to handle welding, painting, palletizing, punching and bending functions in various environmental conditions. These robotic arms are available in different sizes and 6 axis or 4 axis operation. For special functions or customized applications Allied can offer customer specific solutions.









Our range of Industrial Robots include:


- Palletizing Robotic Arm

- Welding Robotic Arm

- Painting Robotic Arm

- Bending Robotic  Arm

- Sorting pick and place Delta Robot Arm 

- SCARA robots

- DELTA robots     

- Glue dispensing robots











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