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Analytical Instrumentation   
The field of Instruments which deals with scientific analysis of different materials or systems is called Analytical Instrumentation. These instruments utilize different scientific techniques like mass spectroscopy, thermal or electrochemical analysis etc to study and accomplish different tasks in research laboratories and various types of Industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food processing, Oil refineries etc.

Allied Technologies, through its world renowned partners, provides some of the most advanced and proprietary technologies that are available today. These technologies are incorporated in systems that are utilized by top research laboratories for research in novel biology, acceleration of drug discovery and tailoring of therapies based on patient specific biomarkers.

We also offer systems like real time PCRs, biochemistry analyzers, UV double beam spectrometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers and Flame photometers that are utilized in different applications.









Our range of Analytical Instruments include:


- Bioflux System

- Isoflux CTC isolation system

- Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

- UV double beam Spectrophotometer

- NIR Spectrophotometer

- Flame Photometer

- Florescence Spectrophotometer

- Centrifuges

- Food security testing systems

- ENT & Ophthalmology Diagnostic

- Thermo gravimetric Analyzer 

- Oxygen Analyzers











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